Multiple online casinos under the same management at

Those online casino players who register at a number of different casinos may sometimes see the similarity between casino design, bonus terms and conditions, and number of games powered by the same software provider in two or more casinos. This often happens when those casinos belong to the same owner.

k2cSome casino groups encourage the players to register at the sister casinos. They allow redeeming welcome bonuses in all casinos of the group and even transferring money between the player accounts at sister casinos. Other casinos will allow the players to register multiple accounts but will limit the welcome bonus to one per casino group. There are also casino groups that limit the player registrations to one account per group.

It should be noted that the restrictions listed above are often imposed on the players only after they have already registered, made a deposit, played, and requested a withdrawal. The casino may void the winnings to the players’ regret and disappointment. Generally, it is beneficial for the players to know which group the casino belongs to before registering. The information about sister casinos helps the players to better understand the casino in question. Reputable casinos very rarely team up with the rogue ones. research team has collected detailed information on more than 640 online casinos . Each casino review contains information on the owner in the ‘Owners and Associations’ tab. By clicking on a magnifying glass next to the owner information, the players may see the full list of casinos operated by this owner. Under the same tab, all associated casinos are listed by their names, and the average rating for the group is provided. In addition, in case there are any partner casino restrictions, such as ‘only one account per group is allowed’ or ‘only one welcome bonus per group is allowed’, they are listed right under the group rating. is a fully searchable, constantly updated database of online casinos, bonuses and games that enhances the player experience by providing exhausting information on various aspects of online gambling.