Five Key Metrics for Comparing Movie Themed Slots

Whether it’s jumping aboard the USS Enterptrise to transwarp your way to a jackpot or navigating the Hulk through a major league rampage across the city, movies and slot games have been linked in every crazy way imaginable.

slotsMovie geeks can relive their favourite moments from their favourite movies. Six Million Dollar Man. Rocky. Indiana Jones. Gladiator. Star Trek. Ghostbusters. You name a big movie event of the last 50 years and there’s doubtless a slot game to accompany it.

When it comes to looking for your perfect movie slot game, there are multiple things to consider. We’ve identified five key metrics by which you should measure online slots.

Number of Paylines

The term ‘payline’ refers to the configuration of positions that different slot machine symbols form. Players can bet on multiple paylines, and when the reels stop spinning, theses are compared with the combinations in a payout table, which determines if there is a match, and how much will be paid out. Virtual casinos have expanded the number of paylines to the point where it’s not unusual to see 40 or 50 paylines on one game; the automation of playing online means the possibilities are almost endless. One of the best movie themed slots in this regard is The Pink Panther, which runs 40 paylines. If you enjoy spreading your bets, look for other games with many paylines.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are one of the biggest attractions of all slot games. Huge sums of money can be won from the ever-growing pot that spills it’s riches only when certain activities take place. Statistically, you’re less likely to win money from a progressive jackpot, as there are more punters taking part – but if you do win, the sum is generally much larger than a normal jackpot. To find big progressive jackpots, look for the very popular games.

Minimum Spin Cost

Some movie themed slots allow bets as small as a penny (The Wizard of Oz) while others ask for a minimum of 10p (The Pink Panther). Some players prefer to bet low and play for longer, while others like the thrill of bigger bets. Compare and contrast different movie slots to see which have the right minimum bet for you.


For some, the look and feel of a game is just as important as the bets. Gameplay and graphics vary widely across slots, but in the movie slot world, there is clearly much to draw on, visually. Life of Brian is one of the best movie themed slots in terms of winning visuals.

Bonus Features

The appeal of a game often rests on the promise of bonus rounds and extra features. The aforementioned Gladiator is one of the more bonus-packed games, with extra rounds like the Coliseum Bonus and the Gladiator Jackpot. Browse the web to compare bonus rounds.

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