has introduced Flash Prize – a promotion where instant rewards appear out of thin air in the download lobby from 26th to 31st May.

Flash Prize rewards your players for enjoying’s thrilling games.

Nobody knows when they’ll strike. The only thing for sure is that each one brings exciting and valuable rewards.

Flash Prizes will appear as pop-ups in the lobby. There are two types of Flash Prizes:

Flash Prize Pop – Surprise Gift.
Play as normal and see if a Flash Prize pop with a surprise gift appears. The more you play, the more chances you have of being struck by a Flash Prize surprise gift.

Flash Prize Pop – Game Challenges
Play as usual and see if a Flash Prize pop with a game challenge appears. Make sure you read the instructions carefully when a game play challenge appears. Your game play challenge will only appear once, so take action before you log out or you might miss out on your Flash Prize.

All gifts in the Flash Prize could be free cash, cash bonuses or points. Remember, this promo is only valid on PartyCasino download lobby. If you haven’t installed our software yet, you can download it by clicking the banner.