Privacy Policy

1. Users Data Protection
Gambling respects your privacy. Your personal data will be kept confidential and will not be made public. Your personal data could be transferred to public authorities only in exceptional situations and at their imperative demand in case of breaking the current laws.

2. Content
Gambling is an interactive portal whose content is in great part provided by its users. As user, we bring to your attention that the responsibility for the information provided belongs to the users that provide that information to Gambling Arena. GAmbling Arena cannot verify the content of the provided material and, as a consequence, the users must make sure that:
They own copyright or the permission of the author to provide the information to Gambling Arena.
The content of the materials provided do not break any copyright laws and also that it does not infringe upon any right of any other person.
By providing the material, you give up to Gambling Arena all the copyright as well as any right of reproducing, copying, publishing, further developing or selling the provided material.
You grant Gambling Arena full rights of modifying or removing from the web-site without your approval the information you provided.

3. Gambling Arena Users and Visitors Conduct
As a user of this service, you take full responsibility for the content you provide to Gambling Arena as well as for the consequences that may follow. This service will not be used for the following:
Providing a material that breaks the copyright laws, or infringe upon any other right of another person.
Publishing pornographic material that breaks the current laws.
Transmitting software or viruses destined to damaging the services provided by Gambling Arena to its users.
As a user you have the obligation to provide your true identity and valid information.
As a user you have the obligation to respect the other users of Gambling Arena and to avoid bringing offenses, racial insults or denigrate the other members.
Gambling has the right to permanently or temporarily deactivate the accounts of the members who break the conduct rules or for any other reason considered to be an abuse against the Internet services provided by Gambling Arena.  

4. Copying/ Reproducing GAmbling contents
The content published by Gambling Arena is subject to copyright laws and it is protected by law. Copying or reproducing of full or partial content of the material published on the web-site without the permission of the Gambling Arena administrators is strictly forbidden. Exempt of the rule are the information provided via RSS/Atom, not subject to copyright laws.

5. Diminishing Responsibility
Gambling intends to provide you with highly accurate information. Still, we can’t always guarantee that that information will not contain some errors, and we cannot be charged with responsibility for the materials provided by our users.
We do make a commitment to correct the errors from the web-site as soon as we acknowledge their existence. Therefore, if you see any errors on our portal, our suggestion is to contact us.
As user you are aware of the fact that Gambling Arena cannot be made responsible for the eventual direct or indirect damage resulted from the service provided by GAmbling, or for any other problem related to the service we provide. 

6. Modifying the Provided Service
Gambling has the right to partially or totally change or interrupt providing its services without any previous notification. Gambling Arena takes no responsibility towards its users for changing, suspending or interrupting the provided service.