What is Martingale System in roulette?

One of the reasons as to why roulette is so universally popular among different age groups in the online casino room is because the game is so simple. Anybody can play and it does not matter how much experience you have on a roulette table, your chance of success will always be the same.

Unlike other online casino games, online roulette is all based on chance. There are no strategies or tactics which can be used to help you beat the odds. However, what some people choose to adopt are staking plans or systems which they feel will help them come out on top at the end of their session at the table.

One of the most popular staking plans is Martingale Strategy. This sounds far more complicated than it actually is. The main thing to consider with Martingale is that you are required to increase your stake following every losing spin.


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Without actually knowing, most people use this system anyway. The temptation is always there after a losing spin to chase back your losses.

Martingale is generally used for outside bets in roulette, for example, red/black, 1-18/19-36 and odd or even. These all offer returns of even money. Once you have a losing bet, you need to double your stake on the very next game. If you are successful, you will have shown a profit for your session as your losses will have been recouped and there will be some additional chips to boost your bankroll.

Your opening stake will all depend on what you are comfortable playing with, however, you have to allow yourself room to increase this amount if you get off to a bad start so never begin too high.

Obviously, as you can imagine, Martingale relies on you having enough funds to be able to cover a losing run of spins. You should only use it if you feel you can stand a bad sequence of numbers. The theory works on the basis that if you kept playing even money shots in online roulette, you would eventually have a winning spin so it is a case of holding your nerve by increasing your stake with each losing game.

Another strategy which is commonly used in online roulette is the Ante-Martingale system, which as the name suggests, is the complete opposite to Martingale.

With Ante-Martingale, you increase your stake after a winning spin, rather than a loss. The aim is to maximise your profit by rolling up your winnings. It encourages you to take advantage of your luck when it is in.

Unlike Martingale, this system requires you to keep stakes down to a minimum when you are losing. Instead of chasing, it believes you should cut your losses and wait for your luck to change.

Although you can’t lose your bankroll quickly with Anti-Martingale, you can end up being back to square one, despite having a good run of results. If the numbers do fall your way, though, you are likely to walk away from the game with lucrative returns.