Types of bonuses

For a person that wants to learn how to gamble and make money online on the Internet casinos, choosing the right place to make the first deposit can be extremely daunting. Truth is that every casino gives a bonus to the newcomers, the so called online casino bonus, but not all of them have the same rules for withdrawing the bonuses.

There are two types of welcome bonuses:

BONUSa) that require a deposit. Usually, the value of the bonus is 200-500% of the initial deposit, but in order to withdraw them, players have too meet certain criteria (gamblers have to play a certain number of hands/spins);

b) that do not require a deposit. Even though the first ones are the most popular, there are lots of casinos that credit the new accounts some amounts of money. Yet, in order to withdraw the money, bettors have to gamble up to ten times the value of the initial bonus. Basically, the casinos give them free money, and from that moment on, it’s their job to multiply the sums using their knowledge and gambling skills;

Which one is the best?

For the beginners, we think that the second option is best. Players don’t need to add a card to their accounts and therefore, they can beneficiate of the bonuses as many times as they want. There is a catch, however: they will never be able to withdraw the earnings unless they add a card. Still, it’s an awesome tactic of developing top level skills.

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