Whether you bet online at online betting agencies, or at offline betting agents, types of bets offered are about the same.

An important thing for a rookie punter is to know them, and to combine them so that in the ticket is a winner.

  • 1, x, 2: is the most common type of bet and the most often met. We have three betting options: 1x – home team win, X draw, 2 – away team wins.
  • 1x, x2, 12: This type of bet is used when we want to bet on the double chance. 1x it’s used to bet on a home team win or draw, x2 to bet on a draw or away team win or 12 when betting on the  victory of one of the two teams.
  • Half Time: This bet refers to the result at halftime. We can bet both 1 × 2, and double.
  • Half Time / Full Time: for this type of bet you have to guess both the result on half time and at the end of the game. We can bet both double and 1 x 2.
  • Under / Over:: For this type of bet you have to guess the number of goals. Generally they betting is made on the assumption that more/less than 3 goals will be scored
  • Number of Goals: you can bet on the exact number of goals that will be scored during a game.
  • Exact score: this type of bet refers to the exact score that will end the game.
  • Goal scorer: you can predict which of the players of both teams will score a goal in that game.
  • Corners: you can  predict how many corner kicks will be throughout the match.
  • Handicap: Usually this type of bet is used in the cases of obviously unbalanced matches, when the favorite team has a very small share. Playing at Handicap (meaning the favorite team is to win at least twith two goals difference) the final share is significantly improved.