Strip Poker – Basic Rules

Strip Poker has not always been a tabu subject. Despite it’s nowadays considered a couple activity or somehow, an activity that can be played in a closed circle. Still, when it comes to actually playing strip poker, many players don’t know exactly the rules.

First of all, before even establishing a maximum amount, players should agree whether or not to be able to gamble their clothes and if so, what is the exact value of every item.

Another rule of strip poker tell that money can be involved too and that the person who’s loosing the money doesn’t necessarily have to undress if he or she losses if someone else is willing to do this for them. For instance, in some exclusive circles, people prefer to hire private escorts to undress for them, just for the fun of the game. Still, the rules must be established before actually starting the first hand.

The game is over until one player remains with money or with some clothes on and the other are naked and out of the game.

There are few things that people need to know, because strip poker has a few catches:

  • This game is supposed to be a fun game, therefore people that are not open-minded enough should not be part of it;
  • The room where strip poker will be played must be at a bearable temperature, preferable over 23 Celsius degrees/ 73.4 Fahrenheit degrees;
  • Usually, people wear lots of clothes layers, because strip poker, no matter what poker form is played, is a card game in which clothes are lost real fast;
  • Texas Hold’em is not usually preferred, despite of the fact that it’s one of the most popular poker forms. That’s because Texas Hold’em takes a lot of time and people don’t have that much patience, in most of the cases, to stay naked or almost naked;

Obviously, the above information is part of the normal etiquette of the game. The rules, just like any rule, can be broken, although this is a game that’s supposed to be fun and only for open-minded people.

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