Sports Betting in Romania – 100% Legal

bet365Betting in Romania is legal in all its forms (legal accepted) as long as they take place in an organized place. The Romanian online gambling market is divided in two major segments:
a)      sports betting online, or as they call it, “pariuri online”;
b)      casino and poker online (we’ll speak about in another article);
Yet, sports betting wasn’t always legal: between 1947 and 1989 it was considered an extremely high risk activity and any infringement of the law could send people to prison for up to 10 years. However, since 1990 til present, gambling and sports betting has been considered legal.
Nowadays, this industry is regulated by 2 laws and ordinances:
  1. Emergency Ordinance 77/2009, which establishes the legal framework in which this industry can exist;
  2. 870/2009 Government’s Decision, which establishes the methodological rules of the Emergency Ordinance 77/2009;
Both of the above laws apply to all the gambling industry, both online and offline segments, fact that means that it also applies to the “pariuri online” niche.
Sports betting, the most popular gambling activity in Romania
Compared to the casino-like gambling, sports betting is much more popular. There are 21 licensed casinos within the Romanian borders and about 100 other gambling halls and a whole lot more of sports betting agencies. In fact, in almost every neighborhood there is at least one agency that will work 18 hours a day at least.
Why is this happening? For 4 main reasons:
  1. Most of the Romanians can not afford to lose high amounts of money in the casinos, but can afford to lose a few LEI on a betting ticket;
  2. the number of 24/7 opened casinos is pretty small;
  3. because the earnings can be influenced by inside information from some football clubs, but poker, nor blackjack or roulette can be manipulated in any way;
  4. because winning some money, even small amounts, is by far more probably than earning at the roulette, for example.
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