Spanish 21

If you know how to play Blackjack, than it means you can also play Spanish 21. It is mostly the same game, with a few changes that are easy to cope with.
For the beginning, al 10s are removed, thus increasing the casino’s advantage. Because of this, some more permissive rules and bonuses are applied.
• If both you and the dealer have 21, you win
• The Bonus 21 – in case your cards sum up to 21, you may have a chance to get a bonus. If you reach 21 with 5 cards, the payout is 3:2, with 6 cards is 2:1 and with 7 or more cards is 3:1. If your cards are 6, 7 and 8, or 7, 7 and 7 – mixed suit, the payout is 3:2; for the same suit, it is 2:1, and for spades only, it’s 3:1.
• Super Bonus – if you were lucky to have a suited 7-7-7, maybe you are lucky enough to get the super bonus. It pays 1000$ for bets lower than 25$, and 5000$ for bets higher than 25$, only if the dealer gets a 7. If someone wins the Super Bonus, an additional 50$ Envy Bonus, is paid to every player at the table.
• You are allowed to split any pairs, and you can hit and double after a split. In this case you can get the Bonus 21, but you can’t get the Super Bonus
• You are allowed to split three times, thus having four hands
• In some casinos, you can Redouble
• You can surrender when two cards have been dealt. It is called Late Surrender, and you loose half of your original bet. Though you can not surrender if the dealer has got a blackjack.
• The Double Down Rescue is a new rule, thanks to which you are allowed to take back what you have doubled, but you loose your original bet