NFL Betting For Dummies

The National Football League is known for having an insanely high number of bettors. As American Football is pretty much a national sport in the USA, everybody loves it and everybody does it. Though, when it comes to betting real money on NFL games, most of the people fail miserably, despite the fact that may be good theoreticians of this sport.

How it this possible? The main reason for failing miserably in sports betting is not understanding properly the main terms. In this case, we have point spread, moneyline and the over/under wager. People are often looking forward to finding the best NFL betting system. However, they don’t really realize that without understanding properly the terms, their chances of going home with the bacon are nearly 0.

Point Spread for instance, is a fixed odds bet. Many beginners tend to think at the Point Spread bet as an even wager, fact that’s not 100% correct. In their thoughts, if they pay $11 and win, they are returned $20 back. Is that even? Not quite. That’s because the missing money is a commission charged by the bookmarker in order to create an even playing field. Truth be told, since this is a odds game, the commission is charged merely for making it tougher for the gamblers to win their money.

Moneyline is a wager that doesn’t involve, unlike many other types of bets, giving or taking away points. Basically, this is a classic betting game: if players bet $100 on a team and that team wins, they cash out and go home with the money. There is a catch, however. The moneyline factors are meant to establish the underdog of each game. If a team has -140, than it’s not quite profitable since in order to win $100, the player must pay $140. This is why most of the times people bet on the ones with the “+” sign in their line.

Last but not least, the over/under bet refers to a wager that pays the same as the moneyline bet. It can usually be seen in this form: O/U 38-115. This means that, if a game ends up with a total of 39 or more points, bettors would win $100 for every $115 they put down. But if the total points are lower that 38, all the bets of this type are returned.

Without knowing these terms, players may have the best NFL betting system. It would still be impossible for them to win any bet.