New bingo sites in 2012

2012 is sure to bring at least as many great new bingo sites as 2011 brought to the UK, and that was quite a lot.

To start things up nicely, the first week brought us a brand new and totally exciting bingo site called robin hood bingo. Coming from the Newco group, the same people behind spectra bingo, moon bingo and polo bingo, robin hood bingo brings back to life the theme of that classic story – the bandit that steals from the rich to give to the poor.

And what appropriate timing – with all the global awakening movement having people of all ages around the globe protesting in demand of a more just society, robin hood is just right for the times.

And that’s just the first of so many new bingo sites 2012 is sure to bring, if we get such an exciting launch in the first days of the year, who knows what more is in store for us.

Veteran bingo players are expecting each of the big online bingo groups to be launching at least one new site this year, or as the people behind Wink have done in the past with the launch of red bus bingo and tasty bingo – perhaps even two at the same time.

If 2011 will be an example of what is to come, we can expect many clone sites all running on the same software, but there may even be a few surprises – with real new concepts in online gaming – as was very much the case with bingo cams, launched last year, which introduced us to the idea of webcam bingo where the winners of every game are streamed live to all their roomies in their moments of exuberance as they win the jackpot. While not entirely a new concept, after all bingo cams has been running successfully in the Netherlands for some time, it was certainly new in the Uk and it made quite some noise in a market that rarely sees anything truly new.

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