Mobile Gaming Takes Off

The days of trudging down to the bookies in the pouring rain and having to figure out your own tax on a betting slip are well and truly gone. Gordon Brown sorted out the tax problem for us, and now there are plenty of sites out there offering us everything from bets on the nags, to slots, blackjack and more. But, the best thing about it, is that now practically every type of gaming you could wish for is available for playing or betting on your mobile device.

The whole industry has gone mobile gaming bonkers, and while not too long ago you were lucky if you could get a decent mobile slots game, now there’s so much choice it’s hard to know where to start. This growth in the industry is great news for the gamers because more sites means more competition, which equals more bonus money offers. While bonuses shouldn’t be taken ‘willy nilly’ without reading the terms and conditions, some on offer are not subject to entirely harsh wagering requirements, and are well worth taking advantage of.

The latest game into the fold is mobile bingo, which is really taking off, not only on the bingo specific sites, but on other gaming portals such as mFortune. Sites like mFortune don’t mess around and when they take something on you know that they’ve done their research, so expect to see a lot more sites offering bingo for mobile devices.

Whether your mobile gaming preference is for slots, poker, table games of bingo, make sure that you check out the compatibility of a site with your phone before you sign up, and make sure that you’ve read the terms before clicking the accept button. Most decent sites offer you the chance to ‘try before you buy’ via demo games before you sign up, so have some fun spinning a few demo wheels and playing a few demo hands before you join the mobile gaming boom.