MLB betting strategy

Baseball if for USA what undoubtedly, soccer is for Brazil. Am I right? 99% Yes. Truth is that the Major League Baseball(MLB) is so popular nowadays among the Americans, that 50% of the teens dream to play one day for one of the top teams.
It’s important to mention, however, that there are people who have never played or thrown a single ball in their life, and yet, they are one of the biggest fish in the MLB betting industry.
Do they have a secret? Well, perhaps. What they do have for sure is a clever MLB betting strategy which most often, is a successful one? What makes a MLB betting strategy successful? Well, as long as it respects the basic principles of betting, then there is nothing that can go wrong, at least in our opinion:
  • Never bet your whole budget. Instead, make small bets of 2-5% on each ticket, so you study close the evolution of the results!
  • Never increase the value of the bets in order to supplement the losses. This is one of the most often betting errors and unfortunately, it is a sure way to bankruptcy!
  • Stay in touch with what’s happening inside the teams you are betting on.
  • Never bet if you are drunk! Why do you think that in most of the casinos, poker players are offered alcoholic drink? Because any sort of alcoholic drink will only make you think impair, and therefore, chances are that you will not respect anymore the strategy you wanted.
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