Marvel Slots

Marvel Slot games are slot machines based on the Marvel Comics series which are managed by Playtech. In order to play these games you don’t need registration or to download any kind of software, it is free for you to play.

spider-manThere are several characters dating since the early 70’s, like Blade, Captain America, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Iron Man or Spider Man. Started figuring out in comic books, these characters had a very fast increase in popularity and they gained the world wide hearts. You can find them now not only in the comic books, because thing went further – these amazing characters moved to books, magazines, movies or TV series. Not need to talk about T-shirts or other clothes types.

It was just a matter of time until marvel slots went to online casinos, becoming one of the most popular slot machines over the internet. It started back in 2005 and fans were amazed by the features found in these games series. Each game has thrilling enhancements and Marvel Slots enthusiasts are delighted to play this game. One of the most played is Spider Man, being also one of the most popular Marvel character. It jumped on New York streets for almost 50 years in books, comics or video games but now the time has come for him to migrate in online casinos as a popular slot machine.

Spider Man slots are represented by a game with 25 paylines and 5 reels. Any Cryptologic powered software is featured with Spider Man slot game and be sure that you can find many available online. Most of them have only 5 reels, but depending of the game you play this amount can vary.

Available jackpots number is huge and it can get you the initial bet multiplied several times. Marvel slots online is a very exciting casino game having tempting number of paylines and reels, offering several bonuses which will help you enjoy the game and improve your chances to win. They are fun and great way to spend your spare time.

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