Live blackjack casinos

Main types of casinos

If you’ve ever tried to browse through several online casinos, you probably know how different these can be. Starting with the selection of games to custom graphics and so on, it’s easy to imagine that there are many different types of casinos to choose from. However, if you look closely for a minute it all boils down to two main principles most online casinos employ these days. It’s either a dedicated downloadable client program that includes all the necessary graphics and codes to ensure fast and high quality gameplay. Or a simplified flash version that lets you play through the browser as long as there’s a stable Internet connection. Choosing between these two is always a matter of personal convenience as there usually the same features included in both these casino types. However, with certain new features either of these options can become more attractive to the occasional player. One of such features is the so-called “live casino” that is gaining popularity in recent years among fans of table games such as blackjack or roulette. So let’s learn more about this new exciting casino type.

Live casinos

Live casinos largely owe their existence to the development of fast internet connection that made it possible to stream live video without considerable lags to virtually any place in the world. The principle behind such casinos is rather simple: a web-camera is placed near a real dealer in a real-world casino, the video is streamed to all the players who have joined the live playing session, and their actions in the casino client program are transmitted back to the dealer. So it’s somewhat of a remote gambling platform that lets you play in a real casino using an online casino. Sure, it sounds a bit weird, but there are many advantages to this type of online gambling. You get to feel the atmosphere of a real gambling house without needing to travel all the way there. And the involvement of a real dealer certainly enhances the experience, since in many table games it’s the dealer who sets the mood of a session and makes you want to play more. That’s why games like roulette, blackjack, poker and others are available with the live feature at some online casinos. And you definitely want to know more about live blackjack and try it someday because it’s really exciting. Usually, live games are available in a range of large online casino, but there are also smaller sites that focus solely on this new casino type.

Bonuses and promotions

Whether you choose to play in an ordinary casino or its live version, don’t forget that bonuses still apply. There are many bonuses to benefit from, and your live blackjack session can actually turn out to be a real win if you manage to use your bonuses correctly. That’s why it’s recommended to review bonuses at different casinos before signing up with any of them. Fortunately there are a lot of sites that let you check RTG blackjack casinos review and provide a detailed description of their bonuses. Sure, bonus hunting isn’t a great idea when gambling online, since it’s all about the fun of playing. But if you can improve your edge against the house in certain situations, why refusing the opportunity?