Let It Ride

Let it ride may be seen as a variation of poker. One of the exceptions is that in this game you don’t play against the dealer, you just try to compile a good poker hand, with your three cards, and the dealer’s two cards.

Before the game begins, the players must place three bets, of the same value, in the designated areas. After this step, the dealer proceeds in giving each player three faced-down cards to each player, and two faced-down cards to himself. At this point, players are allowed to look at their cards, but not allowed to show them to the others. After seeing the first three cards, they may decide to take back one of the three bets, or “let it ride”. When all the players have made their decision, the dealer shows one of his two cards. With four cards now available, the players must again decide weather to take back another one of the three bets, or, as before, to “let it ride“ again. At this point, a player may have one, two, or all three bets on the table. This is the point when the dealer turns his second card, and when the players must show theirs, too. Players who have a hand smaller than a pair of 10s, loose all the amount of money they left on the table. For the others, the payout is made according to a schedule, taking into consideration how many bets they still have on the table:

a pair of 10’s or better is paid 1:1
two pairs – 2:1
three of a kind – 3:1
straight – 5:1
flush – 8-1
full house – 11:1
four of a kind – 50:1
straight flush – 200:1
royal flush – 1000:1