Keno Rules

Brief description

Keno is a very popular, lottery style game, which has its origins in China. The Keno game will seem very funny to you and easy to play; with great opportunities to win large sums of money.


The Keno rules

The Keno game platform is actually a device that works like classical lottery ticket.

The Keno board (ticket) has 80 numbers from which you can choose. The player can select 1 to 10 numbers from the Keno board, each game.

During each Keno game there is a random drawing of 20 numbers.

The purpose of the game is to choose as many numbers as possible, or “spots”, to match those extracted.

The Keno pay is determined by 3 factors: how much is wagered per game, how many numbers are marked per game, and how many selected numbers the player spots.


How to play Keno

Select 1 to 10 numbers clicking on the desired choice(s) on the Keno board. The chosen number turns green. To remove a selected number, just click on it again. You can let the dealer automatically choose 10 numbers for you by clicking “Auto select 10 numbers”.

Under the Keno board in the left side, in the middle, you will see a list of potential payments obtained, which correspond to the number of spots.

Click “Bet 1”, “Bet 3” or “Bet 5” to choose how much you want to bet per game or drawing.

As you change your bet amount during the game, you see how the potential payments obtained change.

Click “Play 1”, “Play 5” or “Play 10” to choose the numbers of game you wish to play automatically or sequentially.

This will engage the Keno device and the drawn numbers will be displayed.

Under the Keno board you will see the list of every game you’ve played (spots per round) and the amount of spots per game. If you click on any of the games you will receive full details of the results of that game.

Under the Keno board you can see the accumulated amount of your earnings (winnings) during the game round.

To play again, click “New Game”. If you want to choose the same number(s) as in the previous round(s) of Keno, click on “Repeat bet” button.