How to play Video Poker

Brief description and rules of the game.

Video Poker is also known as “draw poker”. The dealer uses a deck of 52 cards, that is played over again after each hand. The object of the game varies from one slot machine to another. For specific details regarding each winning combination please check the information below.


To play Video Poker:

Click on a slot to enter a bill of 20. If you have less than 20, any amount in the balance of funds will be automatically deposited into the video poker machine.

Choose your bet amount by clicking the arrow button under the credits.

Click on the “Bet One” button once for each credit you wish bet or on the “Bet 5 Credits” to place the maximum bet of 5 credits.

After betting using the “Bet One” button, click on the “Deal/Draw” and you will receive one round of 5 cards (if the player uses the button “Play 5 Credits” to bet, the dealing of cards will be made automatically).

After the first draw, click on the “keep” button to hold on the cards you wish. Click on the “Deal/Draw” button again and replace the cards you haven’t chosen for keeping with new ones. Your cards will be then compared to the table of winning combination (see the information below).

If the value of your combination is less than the minimum winning combination, you’ve lost the bet. If the value of your hand is greater, you win.


The double Playoff round:

When you have a winning combination (according to the table of winning combinations) you are given a Playoff round which offers you the chance to “double” your winnings. If you don’t wish to play the Playoff round, click “Cash out”.

Click on the “Double” button to place the former winnings as a bet.

The cards of the Video Poker slot machine will be dealt face down and only one face up. Click on one of the four card facing down, if your chosen card has a greater value than the card facing up – you’ve won, and the bonus round continues, if you wish. Note that if you don’t want to continue the Playoff round, click “Cash out”

You can click again “Double” to place your previous winnings as a bet.

If the card you have chosen has the same value as the card facing up, it’s a tie or push and you neither win, nor loose, and the Playoff round is over, but if your chosen card is smaller than the slot machine’s card, you loose and, of course, the Playoff round is over.

Please note that the Playoff round automatically ends after a total of 5 rounds.