History of roulette

It is believed that the roulette was invented by the 17thC French mathematician, Blaise Pascal in his search for a perpetual motion machine. Fortunately for roulette players all around the world his invention “failed” and it was soon transformed into the most popular casino game in the history.

Why the roulette?

While the game is relatively easy to learn and play, the magic and mysticism of the roulette wheel makes it so loved. Many players love to display their poker abilities, others love the mathematical precision of Blackjack, but only the roulette attracts sophisticated players wearing expensive clothing and drinking dry martini, only the roulette is surrounded by a sophisticated and elegant audience, but it wasn’t always so.
The online roulette spread a lot this very exciting game; with the software provided by the online casino, you can download and use different applications of this game like Routrack.

Pascal’s roulette

Pascal created the roulette wheel to be a random number generator and didn’t include a “0” between numbers.
He believed that if the roulette, which means “small wheel” in French, was perfectly balanced the ball will never fall on numbers in such a way to form a pattern.
Still, as we all know, nothing is perfect and it seems that a model did appear. This way the roulette, became useless to Pascal, and was overtaken by gaming enthusiasts and by the nobility.
The funny part was the attempt to foretell where the ball will stop or, why not, to discover a certain pattern.
200 years later, in 1842 the brothers Louis and Françoise Blanc gave a new appearance to the wheel and added a single “0” which increased the bank’s earnings by 2.70% . The number’s order was reestablished,”0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25-17-34-6-
The roulette has became so appealing to players that it caused addiction, and after the changes made, winning became harder and harder.
Many accused the Blanc brothers of having made a deal with the devil, especially because on the new wheel the number of the biblical beast, 666, was added.
When the roulette was forbidden in France, the two brothers travelled to Germany where they had opened a store on the gambling halls of Hamburg.
Later on, after the roulette being forbidden in Germany too, Prince Charles III of Monaco invited Louis Blanc and his son Camille to open a casino in Monte Carlo. Camille was the Casino’s manager for 40 years and turned the European roulette into the “King of the Casino’s”. It is still the most popular game nowadays.
During the 1840 many French immigrants fled to New Orleans and thus the roulette was introduced in U.S.
Soon it would become a top game in the gambling rooms and on the expensive boats on the Mississippi.
Due to the widespread cheating among players and casino staff, changes were made to simplify the way of betting and a double “0” was added (00). Thus the American roulette has a different system of numbers.
At first sight, the roulette seems to be a very complex and difficult game but, in fact, is very easy to learn and play. This failed scientific experiment is still the “King of the Casino’s”.