Gambling in Spain

The Gambling Law was published in the Official Gazette in June 2011. It was revised several months later, in November 2011 to be more specific, when several paragraphs were added.

rouletteBasically, in order for a gambling to operator to offer casino-like services online to the Spanish people it must obtain first a license from the National Gambling Commission. The licenses can not be transferred from one person to another, therefore if the casino is bought by another firm, the new patronage must obtain a new license or a new grant. The point is that online gambling is legal as long as the operators have a license and offer their services in a totally white hat legal manner.

Spanish 21, perhaps the most popular casino game

What’s Spanish 21? Is a variation of the Blackjack that is very popular in Spain. The rules are a bit different, but the game itself it not very hard to master as long as the basic form is known. You can find more about Spanish 21 on the best Spanish casino portal, but al well, you can see the main things about the game in the following lines:
1)      players get double stakes after splitting;
2)      the players who have 21 win automatically;
3)      players can “late surrender”, fact that means that player may give half of their bet to their opponent whey they have a 16, a 17 or a pair of 8;
4)      players can double on any number of cards;

Moreover, the Spanish 21 has an extremely big bonus system that favors the players, unlike the classic Blackjack game:

if a players has a  six, a seven and an 8 or a triple seven of spades, he automatically gets 3 to 1;
if a player has a six, a seven and an 8 or a triple of seven of the same suit, he gets 2 to 1;
a player’s suited 777 gets $1000 if the dealer has as well a 7 with the face up;

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