European roulette

The purpose of the game

The main purpose of the Roulette is to guess on which number the ball will land after each stop of the wheel. Briefly, if the player chooses correctly, he wins. In a general sense, the roulette is a game of luck. Different players have their own systems of choosing numbers, some watch the game to see if certain numbers are more often than others, calling them “hot numbers”, while others watch the game from a reverse perspective: they record what numbers haven’t appeared for a while and bet on them. You can also bet on more than one number in a round; still, using this system the earnings are lower. There are certain specific systems of money management which some players use.


An European roulette wheel will have 37 numbered slots (1-36 and one “0”), while the wheel of an American roulette has 38; its extra slot is “00”. The bets can be placed on individual numbers, on mixed numbers, on black or red colored numbers or on even or odd numbers. The odds of the ball stopping on any slot are of 1:36. There isn’t anything else to know in order to play the roulette besides a good betting strategy.
A game begins when all players have placed their bets by laying out chips on the displayed number. The croupier then throws the ball in the opposite direction of rotation of the wheel.

A player can place a bet until the ball stops on the wheel; from this moment on the croupier declares the betting closed (“no more bets”). The ball will stop on the wheel and a marker is placed on the winning number, then the bets are paid. Since the only element of skill in the game of roulette is the science of betting, it’s essential to know what bets are available.

If you are beginner for an online European roulette game player entering in the area of European roulette, then you need to observe a few rounds of other veteran players play. This will help you to get familiar with the basics of the game.

Inside bets

“Straight bet” is made on an individual number. The wheel numbers are in 3 columns in the center of the betting table, so that to bet on a number you have to place a chip on top of it.

“Split bet” is made on two adjacent numbers. To place your bet, put the chip on the line which separates the 2 numbers.

“Street bet” is made on 3 numbers that are arranged in a horizontal line in the center of the table. The betting is made by laying a chip at the beginning of the row.

“Corner bet” is made on the 4 adjacent numbers on the table. To do this, you place the chip in the middle of the 4 numbers.

Outside bets

“Even money bet” is made if you choose to place your money on half of the slots (numbers). For example you can choose to bet on all the even numbers, on all the red numbers, etc.

“Group bet” is made if u choose to bet on the first, the second or the third group (dozen) of numbers.

“Column bet” is made when you wish to bet on one of the 3 columns of numbers in the centre of the table.

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