Disadvantages of a land based casino

Many gamblers hate to go to their local casinos. Why? There are plenty of reasons, but most of them derive from the fact that ALL land based casinos are supervised directly and in an intense manner by the local police, but also because most of the gambling halls are directly linked to a form of criminality.

Live BlackjackIn the following lines we’ll try to cover at least 5 important why an online casino should be chosen instead of any other land based one:

1) Like I said above, there are lots of clues that link the gambling halls with some sort of law infringement. People don’t want (or at least, they should not want) to be linked with that kind of activities, reason why they should change their preferences in this matter;

2) Players can’t develop strategies. Usually, there is lot of noise in any land based gambling hall, therefore for most of the people it’s practically impossible to focus and learn more about the games;

3) People can’t play for free in the normal casinos; if they do receive some free chips, the amount is very small. On the other hand, most of the online casinos give their clients bonuses that can go up to $2000, fact that is unlikely to happen in a normal one;

4) It’s difficult to find parking spots and it also costs money to go to a casino, not to say that there is a big chance to spend a couple of other dollars on drinks. Internet gambling is totally different: players don’t have to go anywhere and the only things they need is a credit card (not always), a PC and an Internet connection;

5) Because online gambling is legal while gambling in land based casinos may not be legal. For instance, all the gambling types are banned in 19 American states