D’Alembert System

This system, named after an American mathematician, is one that resembles pretty much with the Martingale betting system. It is applied when betting on Black/Red, Even/Odd, because these bets have a 50-50 chance of win.

You must decide first which amount of money/chips you want to bet. After every loss, you add one unit (1 dollar or 1 chip) to the previous bet. After every win, you take out one unit from the original bet. Let’s say for example that you decide to bet 5 units. If you win, than the next bet will be of 4 units. If you loose, the next bet will be of 6 units. You can do this either until you run out of money, or until you hit the table limit. If you are a more aggressive player, you can decide to raise or decrease your bet by 2 units instead of 1, thus doubling your gain. 

This system also has a reverse version. That is if you win, you add 1 unit, and if you loose, you take out 1 unit.

The difference between this system and the Martingale system is that when using this one you don’t double your bet amount when loosing, you just add one unit. In this way, if you loose a few times at the beginning, you don’t risk running out of money or hitting the table limit as fast as when using the Martingale. Sitting longer time at the table gives you more chances of winning.