Although not many people have heard about this game, Chuck A Luck is a gambling game that is still found in a few casinos. It is not hard to play, it is actually very easy, and it looks like a cage with 3 dices inside. The cage is turned upside-down a few times, so the dices fall from one end to another. Players must make the bets before the cage starts to spin. As for what bets to make, there are not many options.

Bet on a number. On the betting layout we can see 6 numbers written, from 1 to 6. You can bet on either one of the numbers. If the number chosen by you is shown by one dice, you are paid 1:1, if it is shown by two dices, you are paid 2:1, and for all three dices showing your number you are paid 3:1. Some casinos pay 10:1 if all the three dices show your number.  Pretty easy, right?

Another bet that you can make, is the Field Bet. You have two “field” layouts numbered “3 to 7” and “13 to 18”. You can choose to bet on either one of the two fields. If the numbers shown on the dices sum up to one of the fields you have chosen, you win. When the sum is in between, you loose. The payroll in case you win is 1:1.

You can also choose to place your bet on Low or High. Low means that the sum of the dices is smaller than 11, and the High bet means that the sum is higher than 10. In either case you are paid 1:1 in case you win. But if the dices are three of a kind, even though the sum fits the bet you have made, you loose.
Any Tripple, as the name tells, is a bet made on all three dices showing the same number. In this case, the pay-out is 30:1.