Casino War

This is a very popular game, but you can not find it in many casinos. You can mostly play it online. It is based on the children’s game of War, but with some changed rules. However, it is a very simple to learn and to play game. It is played using six card decks, without the Jokers. It is dealt one card at a time. You must place your bet (decide the amount of money or chips), than you will be given one card, and the dealer one card. The main purpose is to have the higher card. You are paid the odds of 2:1 if your card is higher, and you loose the bet if your card is smaller.

In case it happens to be a tie, than the player, that means you, has two options:
1.You can either decide to surrender, in which case you loose only half of your bet
2.Or you can decide “to go to war”. In this case you must double your original bet. The dealer will burn three cards and than give you and himself a card. In case your card is smaller this second time, you loose both your bets. In case it is higher, you double your bet. In case this second time you find yourself in a situation of a tie, again, is your win.

As a piece of advice, when it happens to be a tie, you should decide to go to war. Why is that? Because when you surrender, the casino’s edge is about 3.7%, and when you go to war, it is just 2.9%.

There is another bet you can make when playing this game. It is called a Tie Bet and it has the best pay-off, of 10:1. This type of bet is made at the beginning of the game, and it requires an additional sum of money, which is placed in a separate pot. What exactly does this bet mean? It means that if it happens to be a tie during the game, and if you happen to win that tie, you will win 10 times the amount of the Tie Bet cash, besides what you have bet in the game.