Carbon Poker, a US friendly poker room

No matter what people might believe, but poker is not a product of the 20th century. The first gambling societies were formed at the arrival of the first English colonies on the American continent. However, their purpose at that time was not a commercial one, as most of the funds used to be sent to the development of the roads, bridges, hospitals, and even of the first schools.

Nowadays, the situation is pretty much different. Gambling, on all its formes, is not allowed all over the US. It’s not a general rule, as each state can legalize or ban gambling at any time, and without too many explanations, but due to the fact that not every gambling equals poker, there are usually tolerated some exceptions.

For instance, charitable gambling, pari-mutuel and lotteries are allowed in most of the states, while commercial gambling (including activities like playing poker online or betting at the race tracks) is accepted in much less states.

Gambling online, however, is not a problem. Platforms like or any other pokerrooms, are legit places where people can play online poker without being threaten with legal consequences. For instances, not only encourages all the US players to play on their platform, but they are also giving a bonus that can go as high as $600.

It doesn’t matter if players are at their first game or are experienced sharks. They do receive their bonus at the first deposit, fact that makes out of the above mentioned online casino one of the best places for testing the poker skills. Besides, not only poker (on all its forms) can be played there. Names like BlackJack and Roulette are also present there, therefore even the ones with not a lot of experience can try their luck. After all, like they say in poker, you never know where the big pot comes from.