Can you play backgammon with more than one opponent?

Usually, when you think about backgammon, you think of a two-player game. But along the years, people have tried to make this game more challenging and more fun. They have come up with variants of the game in which three or more players play backgammon at the same time.

Backgammon Chouette

This is the most common and popular variant of backgammon. It is played by three or more people, usually one, the box, against the others, the team. It is played on a regular backgammon board, and has the same rules. It appeared around 1970’s, when backgammon was a game played in every house and every club. Because it can be played by 3-9 people at the same time, it gave players the chance to compete, in order to just sit and wait for their turn. Also, Chouette has raised the gamblers interest in playing the game, because when playing one against more opponents, one player could take the bets from all other opponents, in case of a win, or pay to each member of the team, in case of a loss.

Multiplied Board

This variant of the game was developed in 1976, and during the later period it was also registered by the US Patent Office. It can be played by four people, either competing all against each other, either playing in teams. The multiplayer board has 48 points, divided into eight sections of six points, meaning two sections for each player. In addition to these points, there is also a central section, which can contain eight, ten or twelve points, in which the players must move their pieces in order to bear them off.