5 Card Draw rules

The purpose of the poker game is to form the best possible five card combination (at this type of game, all five cards are turned face down, in fact it is the most popular type of poker game played in Romania)


The 2 blinds (the big blind and small blind) are forced bets made by players on the left of the dealer aiming at ensuring a minimum pot. (the blind’s  value can vary from one table to another, being established by the organizers and can vary from 0,1$, up to tens of dollars)

Playing the game

After the blinds have been paid, the cards are dealt, five cards to each player. All cards are dealt face down.

The first round of betting

After the bets have been paid, each player is allowed to change from one to all five cards . They may also choose not to change any card.

After the exchange of cards has been made, follows the second round of betting, and then the showdown. The player with  the best five card combination wins. If two players pull off  the same combination, the pot is split equally between the two.