3D Slot Machines are Changing the Face of Online Gambling

Look around and you’ll see that 3D technology is just about everywhere these days. First it was the comeback of the 3D movie with new sleek glasses that weren’t a throwback to the 1970’s. Then it was the introduction of flat panel LCD TVs with 3D technology – that have made their way into more and more home theaters. Therefore it is no surprise that online gambling has started to embrace 3D technology as a way to spice up their eGaming offerings to millions of players.

Betsoft Gaming is today’s number one innovator of 3D slot machines with animations that look straight out of the latest DreamWorks or Pixar movie. Currently Betsoft Gaming has 25 3D slot machine titles in use at online casinos that have partnered with them. The new type of machine has gotten rave reviews from fans who simply can’t get enough of the captivating graphics and cinema like animation that bring these once static games to life.

Popular 3D slot machine titles that are popular with online gamblers are games like Slotfather – a take on classic Mob movies like Goodfellas and the Godfather. Mr. Vegas is also a top performing slot machine where the player takes on the persona of a Vegas player who is out to conquer the city. One of the most popular features of this game are the mini table games within a game as part of the bonus rounds.

While 3D slots are certainly expensive to produce and design – expect to see more and more of them the next time you log on to play slot machines online.