Free Bingo Money – Play Bingo Without A Cash Deposit

The Golden rule of playing bingo online tells us to search for the best bingo offers before choosing a casino to make a deposit at. Why? Because some of them will give the new players free credits (that are practically free bingo money) without asking them to make a deposit. Even though these offers are quite rare, they are really worthy, mainly because they give the inexperienced players the possibility to play for free and learn every aspect of this game.

Bingo BallIn most of the cases, the bingo halls or the online casinos, in order to credit the accounts, will ask the players to make an account. Afterwards, their accounts will be immediately given the free bingo money so players can start playing bingo from the first minute.

It’s important to know that the so called welcome bonuses can not be withdrawn from the first place. Players are given free money and they can multiply it, but they can not withdraw it without playing at least 20 hands or spins or even the value of the welcome bonus. It’s a safety measure implemented by all the casinos in order to prevent the players of running away with the free money.

It’s important to know that there are casinos that require the newcomers a small deposit (around $10) in order to credit their accounts with free bingo money. However, those casinos are the ones offering the highest welcome bonuses (that can go as high as 500% of the initial bonus), therefore paying $10 is in most of the cases completely worthy.

Last, but not least, many casinos in which bingo is played will often reward the loyal customers. They will give them free bingo money that can be played to earn real money. And, unlike the rule for the newcomers, in order to withdraw those free amounts of money, gamblers will only have to buy only a few more tickets.

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