Finding A Reliable Casino For Gambling Online – Short Tutorial

When it comes to gambling online in the USA, most of the US based player are pretty much aware of the fact that gambling is kind of prohibited within the north American borders. In fact, commercial gambling is allowed in only 19 (of 52) of the states, of which only Nevada is the only state where gambling is sitewide (in all its forms) legal.

Usa legal casinosWhen it comes to online gambling, the situation is a bit different. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 made impossible for the US casino amateurs to withdraw their money from the casinos. Even though the UIGEA act did not specifically target the online casinos, this segment was hit too, mainly because it made impossible for the US bettors/gamblers to withdraw their earnings. Indeed, for quite a while, there was no casino that accepted any American players.

And yet, there are plenty of legal casinos in side the American Borders. You can click here for the complete list or you can search for their names on Google (it might last longer, to be honest).

Is there any way to find a reliable casino to gamble online?
Well, I haven’t seen lately – except for the above resource – any other reliable resource, but you can always try the good old classic method:
1) You find a list of all the USA online casinos;
2) Visit everyone of them and carefully read their TOS;
3) Read reviews and talk with the other players/gamblers/betters;
4) Play only small amounts of money, just to see whether or not is possible to withdraw them safely;

However, it would be a pity to lose that much time (because all the process takes time, a whole lot if you ask us), especially when there are sites like the above one, who had already taken care of this aspect and made detailed lists about the US legal casinos.