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Disadvantages of a land based casino

Many gamblers hate to go to their local casinos. Why? There are plenty of reasons, but most of them derive from the fact that ALL land based casinos are supervised directly and in an intense manner by the local police, but also because most of the gambling halls are directly linked to a form of […]

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Free Scratch Cards in 2013

Some of us call it scratch card, others scratch off, scratch ticket, scratchie, and so on. Basically, it’s the same thing! These small cards are often sold for gambling purposes and especially for different lottery games and, why not, quizzes. All you have to do is buy a card and scratch it off. Sometimes, you’ll […]

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Real money online casinos

There are tens if not hundreds of serious online casinos all over the Internet. Some of them are US based, some of them are placed in exotic places (offshore casinos that don’t pay too many taxes), while some of them are local. Why do people choose real money online casinos instead of going to the […]

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Online Casino System Requirements

To begin playing in online casinos you will firstly need a computer and a decent internet connection. If either of these are below standard then problems could arise, regardless of how good the online casino software is.

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Mobile Gaming Takes Off

The days of trudging down to the bookies in the pouring rain and having to figure out your own tax on a betting slip are well and truly gone. Gordon Brown sorted out the tax problem for us, and now there are plenty of sites out there offering us everything from bets on the nags, […]

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Ace Live Casino Launches New Live Casino Site

This sites speciality is pretty obvious after all the clue is in the name, Ace Live Casino are offering the latest in Live Streamed Casino technology and from what we’ve seen of the platform before we are expecting it to be a pretty solid offering. The club is using the visionary platform which has been […]

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