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How to block your opponent

Apart from being a game which involves a race between the two players, one of the essential actions when playing backgammon is trying, and hopefully managing, to block your opponent, to put his checkers on the bar and to prevent him from bringing his checkers to the home board before you do. You can block […]

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Backgammon tips

While playing backgammon, you will inevitably find yourself in the position of being ahead or behind your opponent in the race to bear the checkers off. Being ahead is a good thing, but being behind the opponent is not necessary a bad thing, meaning that you don’t necessary have to lose the game. In this […]

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Can you play backgammon with more than one opponent?

Usually, when you think about backgammon, you think of a two-player game. But along the years, people have tried to make this game more challenging and more fun

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Backgammon strategies

Although for a beginner the best strategy seems to be to hit the opponent’s blots, this however is not always the best choice. There are some other things that you can do in order to raise your chances of winning. Distribution of the checkers is something you should consider when playing backgammon. Having an even […]

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Some myths about backgammon

1. Many people say that backgammon is a game of luck. Of course it is a game of luck. You must roll the dices and make your moves according to what the numbers on the dices show. You cannot predict what they would show, or you cannot make them show the numbers you need. Until now, […]

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Main goals when opening a backgammon game

This game is basically a game of technique and strategy, in which the experience of a player can tell the difference. Besides knowing a few of the opening moves, one must set his goals during the game. It is best to set your goals even from the beginning, among the first two or three rolls, in order to increase the chances of winning.

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Backgammon opening rolls

Besides being a game of chance, because players use dices in order to determine the number of checkers to move and where to move them, it is actually much more a game of knowledge, a game in which the experience of the player is very important, making it easier for the player to win. Besides knowing the rules of the game, the first step in order to gain experience is to learn some of the most important and advantageous moves.

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History of Backgammon

What we know about backgammon is that it may be the oldest board games invented and played in different parts of the world, but no one actually knows exactly when it started and where.
About 5000 years ago, somewhere in Mesopotamia, some archeologists found a board, checkers and dices, which were used in order to play “The royal game of Ur”

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Backgammon Rules

The objective of Backgammon Maybe we can not consider the objective of Backgammon a rule, but it certainly is very important to know that it refers to bringing all the pieces on the “home board”, then pulling them out. The first to get all the pieces out is  the winner. Start game Each player will […]

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